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What to Expect at Inspired Living Chiropractic

What to expect at Inspired Living ChiropracticAt Inspired Living Chiropractic, you’ll know right away that we’re a laid back practice where you are part of the process and not just a number. We treat you like we’d want our own families to be treated, in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Your healing process is all about you. Here, you can find information on what to expect during each visit with us.

For your convenience, the necessary paperwork is available for you to complete prior to your first visit to Inspired Living Chiropractic. This information will allow us to uncover any previous and current health challenges as well as give us an overview of your lifestyle.

Starting Your Journey

We will show you a brief and powerful video that will help explain what Dr. Behn will be looking for in your health evaluation and assessment. After this he will review your health questionnaire with you and gather any additional information necessary address your current health problems or concerns.

Next, Dr. Behn will do a full chiropractic evaluation on you that will include

  • Posture Assessment – this will determine any postural imbalances that can create stress on your body.
  • Spine Palpation – this will uncover any areas of subluxations — misalignments in your spine that cause interference on your nervous system causing a lower state of health.
  • A Neuro-Spinal Scan – This state-of-the art scan will detect any nervous system interference and evaluates your organ function. The scans will allow us to detect interferences that you’re not even feeling—because only 10% of the nervous system perceives pain.
  • Spinal X-rays (if recommended) – The X-rays can be important tool to detect effects of subluxation decay (arthritis) in the spine. They will provide a blueprint of your spine and will help us decide on the best type of care for you.

This initial visit will take about 20-30 minutes. Then, we’ll schedule you for a follow-up visit.

The Second Visit

Dr. Dustin will review the findings from your examination during this visit. We’ll carefully explain the meaning of our findings and the impact they may have on your health and wellness. We’ll educate you on the short and long term effects and offer a carefully develop care plan that will be tailored to you depending upon your condition and health goals.

Before we begin care and start your journey toward improved health and wellness, we will review the financial aspects of your care with our billing specialist. We will discuss your payment options and the affordable cash plans we offer.
This visit will take 30-40 minutes, and we advise you to wear comfortable clothing to this visit and all subsequent visits.

Kids Corner at Inspired Living Chiropractic

Dr. Dustin enjoys watching children respond to chiropractic care. His friendly approach and child-specific techniques immediately places children at ease.

With Inspired Living Chiropractic’s open concept design, patients have the opportunity to observe Dr. Dustin’s work with other patients. This is something which children find particularly reassuring, as they can see that the procedures are painless and generate positive results.

Our variety of techniques ensures that Dr. Dustin is able to give the lightest, gentlest touch to our youngest patients.
We’ll customize your chiropractic care to exactly what works for you.

Call today to start your journey to wellness! (319) 827-2045