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Meet Dr. Dustin Behn

Chiropractic is bigger than just pain relief.

Instant Results with Chiropractic

Jesup Chiropractor Dr. Dustin Behn

Dr. Dustin Behn

Dr. Dustin was an avid football player in high school with a passion for sports. This led to an injury in which he lost feeling in his arm. A friend suggested he see a chiropractor for help. This meeting would change the course of his life! Dr. Dustin’s injury was immediately improved after his first chiropractic adjustment. Amazed by the experience, Dr. Dustin said, “Whatever you just did, that was awesome & I want to do this!”

Changing Lives

Inspired by his recovery and the understanding he had of chiropractic, Dr. Dustin decided to devote his life to chiropractic care. He attended Iowa State for his undergraduate degree before moving on to Northwestern Health Sciences University for his chiropractic education.

While there, Dr. Dustin worked with a chiropractor that told him, ‘You can just take away someone’s pain or you can change their life. If you choose to change lives through chiropractic it will take a lot of training, but you’ll never work a day in your life.’

Dr. Dustin still lives by this and celebrates each day as he shares the miracle of chiropractic with his patients.

Igniting Health Through Education

Dr. Dustin works hard to provide information to the Cedar Valley communities about how the body works so they may live happy, healthy lifestyles. He runs workshops for the community to empower people to take charge of their health. These workshops discuss many aspects of wellness including exercise, nutrition, chiropractic and mental health.

Dr. Dustin also offers ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for local businesses, where a range of health issues are discussed in a friendly and casual atmosphere. If you’d like him to come into your company or organization for a talk, just give us a call.

A Healthy Family

When he’s not seeing patients, Dr. Dustin and his wife stay busy with their three children. They play softball and soccer and enjoy spending as much time together as possible. His entire family is under regular chiropractic care to ensure their full health potential is reached.

“Your body is designed to be healthy, and chiropractic can get you there. I’d welcome the opportunity to help you take charge of your life. Give me a call at (319) 827-2045.”