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Patient Reviews

Thank you Inspired living for caring about others health and well being.
-Kim B.

Very impressed with technology and approach to overall health.
-Kathy C.

For us it wasn’t about fixing a specific injury or problem. When we started our chiropractic health we wanted to be healthier. Dr. Dusty Behn has given us our health! As a family we are much more aware of our food and what is in it. From trying very hard to avoid artificial sweeteners to cutting out soda and choosing products that have ingredients that we can pronounce. We do not stock soda in our house. We have bottles of water everywhere! When the kids ask for something to eat they are told to have fruit, cheese and water! We use whole wheat and whole grain products and natural products in our normal everyday life.
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Personally when I met Dusty he gave me a workout goal of exercising for 30 minutes 3 times before I saw him the next time. I admit, exercise is one of those things I knew I should be doing but didn’t make the time for it. I had all the normal excuses; I am too busy, I don’t have time, my kids are too busy, my kids are too little, I am tired after work, I get enough exercise at work, I don’t like to get sweaty, etc, etc.

However, once I started scheduling my exercise and making it a priority, it is actually quite easy to fit in. I don’t like the feeling I have if I miss a workout. Never did I think I would be one of those people that says that, but after nearly 4 years of keeping 20 pounds off of my body I can say I am one of those people! With Dusty’s guidance I trained for my first 5K where I actually ran the entire thing!!

And since then I have completed 2 Warrior Dashes and a Half Marathon! My husband completed a Tough Mudder (Lord knows he needed an adjustment after that!) Our kids are all very active and successful in their respective activities. We encourage physical activity whenever possible from playing the Wii to running around the block when they are bored!

Our whole family is active and our whole family is adjusted regularly. We feel better, we feel like being adjusted keeps us healthy and in our top shape inside and out! We feel like it keeps our body working properly. We are also much more conscious of not wanting medication as a quick fix to aches, pains and illness.

From reading this you can tell that we have gained more than just a chiropractor; we have gained a health coach and FAN from Dr. Dusty Behn!

Thank you for Inspiring us!
-The Clark Family

A friend recommended Inspired Living Chiropractic after I had a dramatic back injury. The medical doctor had me scheduled for 6 months of physical therapy and on so many pain killers that I overdosed and was looking for a way out.

I came to Inspired Living and Dr. Behn did a computer scan and found a lot of areas that were out. He adjusted my back and the relief was immediate. I no longer needed the medication or the physical therapy.

Along with the back relief I also slept better and had more energy since I wasn’t taking all of that medication.
As a former skeptic I would advise taking a chance…I feel better than I have in months.

In February following an antibiotic treatment, my son developed an immediate skin rash and horrible eczema all over his body that led to him to scratching his skin which would lead to bleeding & unease. We tried steroid creams that wouldn’t work. Finally after 5 months of no answers and him still having the rash, we decided to try Inspired Living Chiropractic.
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Dusty did a computer scan that showed my son was having lots of nerve irritation and said that if the nerves started working better, it would allow my son to heal on it’s own without the use of creams or ointments. We agreed to start care immediately and after the first week (3 adjustments) the rash and eczema completely cleared up and he no longer was scratching his skin. He seemed much happier and his sleeping also improved.

We had been to 2 medical doctors and what felt like 100 creams/lotions/ointments for 6 months and nothing was helping, until we met Dusty. If you have never been to a chiropractor, I would recommend it. Who would have thought Chiropractic could help with eczema?

My health has changed dramatically! I came to Inspired Living quite obese with insulin dependent diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and no energy. After eight weeks, by changing my diet, exercise and adjustments my diabetes is virtually gone and my cholesterol levels are very good now and I’ve lost 20+pounds.

Since meeting with Dr. Behn I’m eating differently—more fruits and vegetables and way less processed and junk foods. I’m exercising though not as faithful as I should. I have a much more positive attitude about everything and have more energy than I know what to do with.
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I originally came for back pain, but I’ve found so much more here. Dusty & Lizzy are the most inspiring and motivating people I have ever met. They have a way of making me feel so good about myself and want to improve every day.

The fact that I travel over an hour to get to Inspired Living doesn’t matter because Dr. Dusty & Lizzy are doing great things to improve my health and my life—not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can’t ask for anything more.

Chiropractic care has changed my life.

I have been under a chiropractors care since I was a softball player in high school. Being a pitcher, I had a lot of problems with my hips and would have my chiropractor at the time, come to the softball diamonds and do adjustments on the bleachers. Whenever I would go for an adjustment, I was in and out in a few minutes. A pop here, a crack there and I was done. I never really understood what was being done or why, I just knew it made me feel better temporarily.
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I graduated high school and became that broke college student with no money to continue my care. I had continual hip pain that I knew I was just going to live with for the rest of my life. In my mind, I would need a hip replacement surgery before I reached age 30 (which was old to me at the time)!

Fast forward to 2008 when my husband and I started to see Dusty. He did a scan on me and started to educate me why chiropractic care is very important in life. It is preventative care rather than waiting for something to go wrong and then needing care. It started to make complete sense. I started going to see him more regularly and for the first time since I was 16, I have no hip pain! My hips are in place every time I go and I know the importance of making time to go at least monthly.

In 2010 I became pregnant with my first child. The aches and pains of being pregnant were all it took for me to start seeing him more. He got me thru my pregnancy and I never had a doubt in my mind that I would bring my baby to him to be taken care of as well. Again, Dusty was very good about educating me about how important adjustments are on children. Nolan was born in October and we took him when he was 5 days old.

As our lives got busy and I headed back to work, it was sometimes hard to make those monthly appointments. In June 2011, I took Nolan to the doctor and low and behold, he had an ear infection. The doctor prescribed a 10-day antibiotic which should have cleared everything up. The 10 days were up and back to the doctor we went for another round. The second set of the 10-day antibiotic were done and still nothing. Upon talking with Dusty, I decided to stop the antibiotics and go more frequently to see him. After just a few times, the ear infection was cleared up. Nolan is now 3 and has never had another ear infection.

Fast forward to 2013 and our second little boy, Logan, was born. Again, there was never a doubt in my mind that we would take him there as well. Upon the first visit, Dusty asked how everything was going and I had made a comment about how I was breastfeeding and he wasn’t latching very well. Dusty of course could help with that as well!

It never ceases to amaze me everything that Dusty can help with as well as help prevent. If ever anything is ever wrong with me or my family, Dusty is my first stop. Colds, ear infections, digestion problems…you name it and he can help! Dusty has made such a huge impact on my life and has helped me to make so many changes. The people of Jesup are lucky to have him!

My name is Jennifer and my husband Joe and I have 4 children—ages 9, 11, 14 and 16 and they are all under chiropractic care. Among other things, chiropractic adjustments have stopped the bedwetting in our house, which is wonderful. But the biggest eye opening experience took place a few years back.
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I received a call from the school at 3pm that our youngest daughter had a fever of 102. By 4:30 her fever had spiked to 105.5. My husband and I took her to the ER and we found out the next morning that her quick strep test had been positive.

Shortly after finding this out, I called Dr. Behn and he had me bring her in for an exam. She was adjusted 3 times that day and Dr. Behn reassured me that her immune system could fight the strep off as long as we kept her nerve system clear. Her fever hung around 102 without taking any meds during the day and after the 3rd adjustment, her fever began going down and had completely broke by 3am. So, within 36 hours she had kicked strep, without any antibiotics.
-Joe, Jennifer, Blake, Jared, Audrey & Sydney

My husband starting going to Dusty when our oldest son was about a year old. We initially went from recommendations from friends to improve our overall health. While we did change our lifestyle and make improvements in ourselves we quickly learned Chiropractic care was not just for adults. Our son had multiple ear infections, had seen a specialist and gotten tubes. As often happens the tubes fell out and they wanted to redo them. I wasn’t sold on that approach and was looking for an alternative.
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After speaking to our friends I approached Dr Behn about Brady’s issue. He explained to me why the ear aches were occurring and an option of treatment through him. I have to admit I wasn’t 100% sold but it seemed so much better than getting tubes again.

We started having Dr Behn treat Brady for ear infections and after 4 visits we noticed a difference! I can honestly say he has not had an ear ache since. A couple years later we had another son and he has seen Dusty since the day he was born. Neither son has missed a day of school for being sick or had an earache since. We also learned throughout this time that bed wetting can be treated through Chiropractic care.

I’ll give a recent example, our son was wetting the bed even if we cut off drinks an hour before bed and ensured he went to the restroom right before bed. I mentioned this in passing and Dusty handed me a brochure he had. After reading it we again saw Dusty. It’s amazing to me but it instantly stopped. It really hit home that regular visits to PREVENT issues is the key, our entire family now visits Dr Behn once a month to keep our bodies in check, working for itself properly and ensure we stay healthy!
-Heather, Gabe, Brady & Nate

My family started going to Dr. Behn in 2012; my daughters at first, then eventually everyone. Apart from getting adjusted for bodily aches and pains, I had no familiarity of just how impactful a regular program could be in keeping our family healthy. I initiated the treatments as a matter of trying to help my then 6 year old daughter improve her breathing during cardio activities. I had attempted to find healing through traditional medicine but after a couple of trips to the pediatrician with nothing more than the suggestion that she could potentially be asthmatic and to keep a log of when she had problems breathing – I was completely unable to get resolution.
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My daughter had historically struggled with respiratory issues as a toddler and had even been prescribed an albuterol inhaler for those times when she couldn’t seem to kick her recurring respiratory infections 2-3 times per year. After a couple of months of regular visits to Inspired Living Chiropractic, my daughter made noticeable improvements in not only her breathing, but her posture and stride when running improved dramatically.

Given my daughters’ participation in soccer, we continued with a regular treatment plan at Inspired Living and what I later learned was that my kids experienced significantly fewer colds and infections and, when they did, they were able to recover independent of antibiotics.

I eventually got the rest of the family under Dr. Behn’s care, to the immediate benefit of my 4 year old son who had tubes implanted in his ears when he was about a year old. Prior to undergoing a regular treatment plan with Dr. Behn, my son suffered an ear infection so severe that his eardrum ruptured. Visits to the ENT resulted in the request for my son to be seen 6 months later and likely have tubes inserted once again. I’m happy to say that we unintentionally missed his 6 month appointment with the ENT and have had no more ear infections contrary to the ENT’s recommendation that he have tubes reinserted.

Now that we are all receiving regular treatment, we have enjoyed a much healthier existence. It’s not to say that we never get sick, but when we do we are able to recover much quicker and without antibiotics. This past summer I was able to heal from a sinus infection without antibiotics for the first time ever. I can’t impress upon anyone enough on the benefits of receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. They most certainly position the body to perform at optimal levels.

I was first brought to Inspired Living from one of their programs called Rebuild the Temple. I had horrible reflux, knee pain and low back pain. Since coming to ILC my knee pain is gone, I haven’t taken any medication for my reflux in over 9 months, have more energy and my sleeping is more sound.

We took our 3 month old daughter to Dusty after a friend had recommended seeing him. Our daughter had been stuffy and our pediatrician had told us to use saline and the blue sucker and that’s all we could do to help. We took her to Dusty and not only did her breathing improve, but she was less fussy and had slept much better. Thank you Dusty.

Our daughter had difficulty pooping and would only go every 2 weeks without the use of fiber pills etc. We brought her to Dusty and within 3 weeks of adjustments she was pooping every day without the use of the fiber pills.