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SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Therapy

Available at Inspired Living Chiropractic

Therapy on patient's armInspired Living Chiropractic is proud to be one of the first locations in Iowa to offer Softwave Therapy. This technology is now being utilized by college and professional sports teams do to the incredible results that it produces. If you have repetitive, chronic pain or injury, Softwave offers a natural, non-injectable way to help you heal. The results can even seem miraculous!

How Softwave Therapy Works

This therapy uses sound waves sent through the body at a high speed. Your brain reacts by recruiting stem cells to the area to repair damage. Stem cells are always dormant in the body, ready to go anywhere that they’re needed. Softwave simply jumpstarts this healing process.

You Won’t Have to Spend Thousands

The typical form of stem cell therapy can cost several thousand dollars for a single treatment. Options like cortisone shots don’t always work, and typically require multiple rounds. With Softwave Therapy, the 8-10 treatment protocol have shown to get results quickly.

What can Softwave Help?

There is a myriad of problems that can benefit from having Softwave Therapy. Some of the most common ailments include:

  • Arthritic knees
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Golfer’s or Tennis elbow
  • Inflammation & pain in low back of neck
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Wrist and hand arthritis


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