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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Jesup

Why chiropractic for kids at Inspired Living Chiropractic?

As children continue to grow their spines undergo many forms of trauma as they learn to walk and crawl, play, and become involved in sports. It has been said that a child undergoes enough falls in one day to put an adult in the hospital. Many of these things may again result in subluxations which can be easily detected and removed by a doctor of chiropractic.

Jesup Chiropractor Dr. Dustin Behn

Dr. Dustin Behn cares for patients of all ages

Another essential part of our pregnancy/pediatric care is providing parents with all the information they need concerning health and wellness.

From child nutrition, exercise, ADHD, diabetes prevention, stress reduction or anything else, Dr. Dustin and the staff at Inspired Living Chiropractic are committed to providing you with complete wellness education that gives you the answers you need!

If you feel your child may have any signs of subluxation, please contact us to find out what you can do about it. Posture is a very telling sign of the health of a child’s spine, if your child has poor posture please do not hesitate to call us.

Remember, prevention is the best medicine and it’s better to start young so your child can grow and function at 100% and truly be well.

How I can help

Why a Chiropractor? 

Simple…the “mainstream” system that we have utilized for years is failing, and it has become apparent that it is time for a doctor that recognizes the natural healing abilities of the body and does whatever is necessary to facilitate healing from inside-out rather than placing more stress on the body through interventions and medications.

Contact us today to get started. We are here to answer any of your questions. (319) 827-2045

Inspired Living Chiropractic for Babies and Kids