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Eating for LIFE.

This month we tackle the second element

We have been covering the 9 elements of Inspired Living and the feedback has been amazing. People are saying that they are beginning to understand the role that they play in creating, developing and nurturing their health on a daily basis. Health doesn’t happen by chance but rather by choice.

Choosing to Eat for Life

We have all heard the old cliche’ “You are what you eat.”  Unfortunately,  few people take that to heart.   We begin to think that our bodies won’t get injured by chronically ingesting highly processed, nutrient deficient foods.  Yet we know and understand from basic biology, physiology and neurology that those foods stress the system and begin to put our body in a state of dis-harmony, dis-function and dis-ease.

Innately we know that our body’s were designed to be healthy IF given the proper elements.  When looking for foods to consume ask yourself this question- ‘Will this food put more life into me or take more life away?’  Look for foods that are colorful, fresh and nutrient dense.

As a society we have put a large focus on calories- which can be important.  However, if the calories are healthy calories and not wasted/un-nutritious calories then our bodies can better utilize the energy for health, rather than as wasted calories.

Next month we engage into the third element— MOVEMENT.

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