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Don't Wait....

People wait…

  • all year for their birthday.
  • all week for friday.
  • all year for summer.
  • all their life for happiness.

Stop waiting and start doing.

You have an unfair advantage in life: no one has ever had the same experiences, successes and challenges that you have had in your life.

There’s an untold story about a man complaining that he always wanted to learn to play the piano, but could never find the time because of his other responsibilities.

“Why don’t you start now?” asked his friend.

“Are you kidding?” he retorted. “I’m fifty years old! It’ll take me five years to learn to play well. I’d be fifty-five by the time I become even remotely proficient as a pianist.”

His friend paused, then inquired, “So, how old will you be in five years if you don’t learn to play the piano?”

It’s never too late.

You cannot pursue what you desire and comfort at the same time. Commit today to stepping outside your comfort zone and set some goals to help you get there.

In short, grow your gift.

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